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    We gather people with shared values in order to improve the lives of female patients and ensure success to our clients and ourselves.

    Why has the company been established?

    The company was established because we wanted to provide Polish healthcare professionals with products and services of much higher quality than before. Our everyday activity is founded on the belief that we can do things better, in a different way, break the status quo in order to improve customer satisfaction. It is our customer feedback that drives us everyday. We want to help and serve our customers. We like to perform better than others and at the same time, we want to do things that are important and valuable for our communities. An important driver for establishing the company was also the energy and experience of the founders who were confident they could create a company that will better respond to customer needs.

    How we operate

    Our activity is focussed on continued contact with out customers. We strive to learn more about the challenges and problems they face and about their dreams. We are happy to discover important issues with our customers and then resolve them.

    We are constantly seeking new and better solutions on the market. We are looking for products that enable customers to perform their tasks faster, easier, cheaper, more accurately and conveniently. We achieve this goal by constantly searching for new suppliers in Poland and abroad. Our team regularly attends trade fairs in Poland and abroad. All the products we launch on the market are primarily examined in terms of user and consumer safety, we select only suppliers that want to act for customers and can see the bigger picture.

    We are continuously networking with the scientific and technological communities in different parts of the world and in Poland. Our operations also include designing new products and services or improvement of the existing ones.

    Because we want to make supplying healthcare facilities fast and easy, we do our best to streamline the relates processes and tasks. This is why we develop information and marketing materials to enable our customers quickly find what they need and then place their order. We provide a number of communication channels. We offer a customer call centre with Medical Consultants who constantly improve their knowledge of products and services to be able to quickly respond to any questions from our customers. In addition, we create and improve our portals and websites, including online purchasing in particular. We also have a team of Regional Consultants who are respond to all customer questions personally and advise them in choosing the best solutions.

    We see our role as a distributor as a place that combines companies offering interesting solutions with those who can benefit from them. Therefore, we build long-standing relations based on trust and keeping promises. We take responsibility for what we do.

    All this is possible only with the shared effort of many people. This is why we seek, hire and invest in people who are driven by searching for better solutions and who are result- and customer-oriented. As a company, we promote and reward attitudes consistent with our values.

    Our values

    1. Innovation – ingenuity, seeking and creating better solutions, challenging the status quo, looking into the future, openness to the world as well as ideas and suggestions of others.
    2. Integrity – keeping promises, telling the trust, taking responsibility for one’s actions and omissions.
    3. Customers – focus on customers and their needs, being helpful, willingness to serve customers.
    4. Satisfaction – we want to do things that matter for our communities and for us, we are result-oriented and down-to-earth.
    5. Expertise – continued learning, acquiring new knowledge and using it in practice, improving skills, seeking opportunities, professional approach to our tasks.

    Our assets

    Kontrola stanów magazynowych Meringer

    Inventory control system

    In 2010, we developed an inventory control system. Applications that analyse demand and supply as well as procedure algorithms for crisis situations make us prepared for numerous circumstances. An additional safeguard of the entire procedure is continued supervision of one person solely responsible for the area.

    All this enables us to boast a 99.2% product availability ratio.

    Godzina wysyłki towaru na następny dzień

    Innovative goods dispatching procedures

    After long negotiation with courier companies, we managed to develop a solution that enables dispatching goods on the following day even if the order is placed before 7 p.m.

    Almost 1,000 m2 of innovative warehouse space, numerous facilities in the form of IT systems integration, forklifts as well as parcel packing and labelling standards. All this enables us to dispatch parcels containing orders placed even at 7 p.m.

    In 2017, we had no parcels that would not be sent to our customers. 100% of parcels ordered by 7 p.m. were dispatched on the same day.

    Innowacyjne produkty i bogata oferta

    Wide range of innovative products

    Thanks to our regular presence at global medical fairs, we are up to date with the current trends. We assess new products in terms of safety and usability. We contact manufacturers and suggest corrections to improve products. Examples include dresses, flip-flops with an elastic.

    In 2008, we were the first ones to introduce disposable instruments, which significantly reduced cross-infections at doctors’ offices. We act proactively to reduce patient embarrassment by providing and improving disposable clothing.

    This enables us to provide the broadest range of products for gynaecology not only in terms of categories and specific options.

    Handling of orders and contracts

    The experience we gained in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies enabled us to learn in detail about the expectations of specific representatives, managers and budget controllers. Delegated employees supervise the expenses of individual customers. They provide them with purchasing reports: what was bought, by whom, for how much and in which region.

    In addition, we implement ideas for advertising souvenirs for pharmaceutical companies, effectively combining a high quality gynaecology product with the specific company’s brand.

    This provides companies with effective advertisement while doctors get good products.

    Materiały marketingowe dla Dystrybutorów

    Marketing materials for distributors

    Marketing is an important part of business. We know exactly how to help our business partners with it. We develop regular product flyers without our logo, with space for the distributor’s stamp. We create websites such as pessar.pl, visited by more than 10,000 customers, where we can place the distributor’s contact details.

    During our cooperation, we also offer professional images and product descriptions that may be published in online stores.

    Obsługa klienta Meringer

    Efficient customer service system

    We are well aware that it takes a long time to build loyalty. One of the elements of building loyalty is efficient customer service. We conduct surveys in order to study the needs of our customers as much as possible. We invest in fast connections, optical fibres and new IT systems only to shorten connection waiting times. Nobody likes to wait on the line, listening to the busy signal.

    We introduced customer care standards because we value your time. The standards indicate how to handle complaints, returns or missed parcels. Or how to handle copies, corrections, etc. We take over all the time-consuming tasks.


    • Meringer 10 lat

      10th anniversary of Meringer in Poland.

    • Launch of a new IT solution for the customer call centre, which improved the quality of connections and shortened the waiting time necessary to talk to a consultant as much as possible.


      Training and team-building trip to Opalenica for Meringer employees.

    • Szczoteczki cytologiczne Directa

      Introduction to the distribution range of Directa Ultra brush, designed and manufactured in Poland. The product is characterised by its unique asymmetrical shape of the sample-taking part.

    • First workshops and trainings arranged regarding non-operative treatment of pelvic organ prolapse using pessaries.

    • Pessary Dr. Arabin

      Start of cooperation with a German silicone pessary manufacturer, Dr. Arabin GmbH & Co. KG.

    • Pessary Portia

      Introduction of Portia pessaries and obtaining the status of an exclusive distributor of Bray Group Ltd.

    • Launch of a new distribution warehouse and implementation of logistics solutions that increase warehouse efficiency. Extension of office space and the call centre team in order to ensure the highest standards.

    • Development and launch of a new online platform (online store) for gynaecology and obstetrics, which enables order placement using mobile devices.

    • Award of the prestigious title of GEPARD BIZNESU (Business Cheetah) to Meringer.

    • Launch of the first online store dedicated solely to gynaecology and obstetrics.

    • Conclusion of further cooperation agreements with suppliers, including CEX International Spain, which manufactures high quality caps for ultrasound (USG) scans.

    • Meringer Official Logo | Meringer.pl - Tylko dla ginekologii

      The Polish Patent Office granted a protection right for MERINGER® trademark.

    • Conclusion of a cooperation agreement with 7 Med. Industries z Bio Parc Vichy (France). Market launch in Poland of non-hormonal intrauterine devices, with new insertion systems and in various shapes and sizes. Meringer is the general and exclusive distributor of 7 Med. Industries products in Poland.

    • Transformation of the company into a limited liability company. The company founders and shareholders are Filip Guzielak, Katarzyna Guzielak and Marcin Matysiak.

    • Wzierniki Invisio

      Market launch of Invisio® specula, the first ones in Poland to be tested for lack of phthalates and durability at the Poznań University of Economics’ Faculty of Commodity Science.

    • Launch of disposable plastic gynaecology instruments, contributing to reduction of cross-infections. At the same time, Meringer has become the exclusive distributor in Poland of RI.MOS. srl, an Italian company that is the leader of the category on the European market.

    • Meringer Official Logo | Meringer.pl - Tylko dla ginekologii

      Establishment of Meringer company and brand, and launch of operations.